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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  November 10, 2012 11:45pm-12:00am EST

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and welcome back. yesterday, the lakers fired mike brown after a 1-4 start. it appears the wizards' front office has more patience as the wizards are looking for their first win of the season. don't forget, they are without john walls and nenj. a.j. surprise to oak observing. watch this strip by tyler
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hansbro. the former unc star goes coast to coast. wizards down 22. they can tie or take the lead by 32. the jumper from booker is short. the wizards drop their fifth straight. 89-85. the nationals made it official. manager davey johnson will return to manage the team in 2013. it will be the final year of his managing. he says there are unexpected business. he expects the last year to be filled with many memorable moments. if he could play defense, he would probably be the best defender on the team. but he is running the offense. we'll take at the nine-game report next. where others fail, droid powers through.
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welcome back. when robert griffin iii's pro career started september 9th in new orleans, the expectations were high but i don't think many in the nfl thought he would be as good as he thought. after nine games, robert griffin has proven he is a menace for defenses. >> reporter: you can't spell
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great without the letters r g. robert griffin 3 has carried the rode skins with his arms and legs, ex-seating expectations. >> there is no doubt about that. when you told me at the start of the season that robert would be the most successful quarterback in the nfl per play, i would is say you are crazy. you have to be able to do that and have limited turnovers, that's been pretty impressive. robert will be the first one to tell you that's a bunch of guys working together. robert will say that the stats don't moon anything until you start winning football games. a lot of goes into it. but i'm very proud of what he has done and i believe he will still get better. >> reporter: griffin's ability to run the option so well, so fast has him on pace for a record season. it was well documented that he could run and in week 6, the vikings got a quick lesson, a
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76-yard touchdown that clinched the skins' victory. on the year, the he racked up 479 rushing scores and three touch dow jones. >> he can also air it out. he connected with pierre gargon for his debut. a week later, leonard hankerson hauled in a touch down. >> you try to appreciate everything and try not to we too much on your personal success so you don't have to be humbled. i try to make sure that i stay grounded. a lot of people around me make sure i stay grounded. you want to make sure that you not bigger than live life. i don't ever want to feel the need to be humbled. i appreciate everything and try to push forward. >> he also has had his fair of growing pain. he suffered a mild concussion
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in week 5 against the falcons, took a huge hit on a reverse pass from josh morgan and last week went air born for a first down. each moment, a learning moment. i see that. i see the quarterback putting there on the line every single play, that makes you want to put it on the line every single play. it's more about inspiring guys to go out no matter what scoring is, what the down or distances is. we're the ones that can go out there and do it. >> he is not happy or satisfied with the skins' 3-6 record. before heading into the bye he bye week, he had this message. >> guys need to make sure they stay tough in between the ears. you don't want to feel sorry for yourself ever. you don't want to accept defeat. that's something that i'll never accept. you try to continue to get better. make sure you go out there with no excuses. >> no excuses. here is a look at the skins'
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next four games. next sunday, they host the eagles. thanksgiving day at dallas. december 3rd is a monday night game. the skins host the giants and sunday, december 9th, the ravens come to fed ex field. that is all the time that we have for tonight's show. thanks for staying with us. thanks to rich dunn and my producer. that's a bye week but we are still on. myself, doc walker and scott smith. have a good night.   
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positive it was dna. >> officer john corvino: i'm looking at my dispatch here, and there's a burglary that just happened, and i'm heading into the area. i'm going to help the other guys who actually got the call. 'cause the guy's on foot somewhere in this area, and we'll see what i can do, may be help them out. victim came home and caught the
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guy right in the act. he was loading things up into a suitcase. all the property, vcr, and things like that. so i know he's in the area somewhere 'cause it just happened, and apparently he really scared the victim. >> radio: window 32 sighted in the complex. 32, chasing the subject southbound behind the complex. >> corvino: he's upstairs? >> radio: advising the subject is upstairs. >> get up! right now! >> radio: lincoln 32, the subject... >> corvino: get on the ground! get on the ground! get on the ground! get on your belly. get on your belly. >> ah! >> corvino: hands behind your back! hands behind your back! hands behind your back! ( groaning) ( panting) >> no need for crying now. ( groaning) >> okay, i'm going to roll you over...
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>> corvino: in custody. everybody's okay. all the cash, huh? ( garbled radio transmission) >> bring it towards you. bring it towards you. okay, now you just stand up, okay? ready? let's go. >> corvino: one, two, three. >> radio: southeast, at the ray leaf, we have a wfa 5'7" medium brown hair with uh, highlights... >> corvino: you have a lot of property... andrew! handcuff key, huh? >> radio: leather jacket with white stripes... >> corvino: what kind of key is it? >> radio: ...attempting to cash a large check on a closed account. 330 when you're starting from where i showed you 10-8. >> corvino: crack pipe. that's probably why he doing it, man. hey, man, you got a big crack habit? >> yeah. >> corvino: yeah? >> yeah. >> corvino: the devil invented crack, man. we'll get you something to drink... >> stand straight up, sir... >> corvino: we don't want to deprive you of your of what, uh... >> officer andrew gallegos: stand straight up. don't worry about it. we'll get you out of here. >> corvino: all right. uh.
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>> radio: star to the 2710 baker street, 31 is downtown 10. >> corvino: at first, the description wasn't very good. then we got a good description. we have a lot of units in the area. you know, it's a property crime. this man invaded someone's home, and we're determined to catch people like this. with teamwork, a lot of teamwork it took to catch this person. officers knew the area. they knew it well, and once he runs in the apartment complex, it gets confusing, but since we had a lot of the officers helping, we were able to catch the guy. >> oof. >> corvino: okay, man, just face that way. you see that cop car right there? >> yeah? >> corvino: all right. stand up straight, please. okay, look to the cop car... okay, now what i want you to do is to turn around, face me... >> yeah, 10-4. >> corvino: all right. we're good. right now, we had him look to the other cop car. we did a positive id. the victim just positively
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identified him as the person that broke into the house and took the property. and so now we definitely know it's him. >> corvino: now you positively identified him as the guy? okay, and tell me what happened. again. when you... start with when you arrived home... >> yeah, i arrived home, and i opened the door and i thought it was my mom. i was like, "mom?" and then he was in my living room and walked in. >> corvino: did he say anything to you? >> no. >> corvino: all right. did he look just as scared as you were.... ( laughs) >> corvino: or he did did it even... >> he scared me when he was in my houseand run, like in the living room he run back, and when i was in the kitchen, he run, like, to my living room. i scared. he run, like, fast, you know. >> corvino: yeah, well... >> scary... >> corvino: you cornered a rat. >> and he ran out with your suitcases. >> yes. >> corvino: okay, well, you cornered a rat is what happened. that's what exactly, they get, they run around in circles... >> it's chasing, but... >> corvino: okay, well, thanks a lot.
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we're going to talk to you in another few minutes, okay? we're going to have you write down what exactly happened. detective's going to talk to you, and we'll get this all worked out. so you going back over there? >> yes. >> corvino: all right. so here's the thing. the witness positively id'd you, and you're being charged with burglary. and you've been arrested for felonies before? >> um, no, man. >> corvino: okay, here's the thing i gotta ask you. she was scared. she was petrified. what did you do when you saw her? >> i didn't... i just ran from her... >> corvino: i know. >> really, i just ran from her... >> corvino: just ran, huh? >> she went outside, and i went outside, and i just ran... >> corvino: okay, so you're going down for burglary, carl, but i appreciate your cooperation. so he's a homeless guy, but you know what? he's a burglar too. so obviously he's on drugs. and he took food. you don't see them taking food too much. uh, some videotapes, so he, he was in there, and he was probably scared, so he just gathered whatever he could find, threw it in the suitcase. and there's other stuff here that he just gathered up, and who knows?


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